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ALL Kansas earnings garnishments are continuous.  That means your employees could have one or more of the following running against their wages:


Income Withholding Order (exemption may be 35, 40, 45 or 50%)


Federal Tax Lien (amount to withhold varies)


Garnishment for Defaulted Student Loans (requires withholding of either 10 or 15%)


Support Order Garnishment (exemption may be 35, 40, 45 or 50%)


General Judgment Garnishment (exemption is 75%)

Do you know how to calculate the exemptions correctly AND allocate the money correctly between the creditors?  Support order garnishments take precedence over general judgment garnishments, and income withholding orders take precedence over both; and where do tax liens and defaulted student loans fit in?  It is not just a matter of dividing the money equally.  If you make a mistake, it could mean your company would have to pay fines and penalties!

Don't let that happen to you!  Save time and money by using our Kansas Court Withholding Program to calculate the proper deductions and allocations for you--it will cut the time needed to calculate each payroll and you won't have to worry about whether the allocations are in compliance with the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act. 

This program:

bulletCalculates Income Withholding

Calculates Garnishment Worksheets


Calculates Creditor Distribution


Completes Garnishment Answers


Keeps track of remaining balances on garnishments


Handles employee bankruptcy, leave of absence, termination and suspension


Handles unlimited number of employees


Handles unlimited Income Withholding Orders and Garnishments per employee


Not only are the deductions and allocations calculated correctly, but the Kansas Court Withholding Program also prepares and prints answers and distribution statements for you to send with each payment.


If you would like to see a demonstration of this program in action, we would be happy

to come to your business, make an appointment for you to come to our offices,

or we can mail you a PowerPoint program on CD.

Contact us for more information:
email us at
or call us at 316-283-3627



The NDF Kansas Court Withholding Program is for use by employers, payroll accountants or anyone who needs to calculate Income Withholding and Kansas Chapters 60 & 61 continuous Earnings Garnishment withholdings in compliance with the Federal Consumer Protection Act restrictions and to distribute withheld amounts to payment centers and garnishing creditors.



Print or view our brochure and order form for more information about this program.

Orders may be mailed, or FAX your order for fastest service.


For a printable trouble-shooting guide for the Kansas Court Withholding Program, click here.                                   

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